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What's happening in 2021 ?

We all know that 2020 was a very strange year indeed. Just as we were loosening out belts from lashings of turkey and pigs in blankets from the Christmas of 2019, all of a sudden things stopped as the pandemic was announced around the Globe.

I was one of the the millions of unfortunate people that was made redundant and found myself with a LOT of free time on my hands. After decorating the house, I decided to start this website to fill some time and keep myself occupied with a hobby I have done since I was a lazy teenager!

One of the first racing sims I ever played was Geoff Crammonds Grand Prix 2, from the moment I left the pit lane in my Jordan-Hart I was totally hooked on F1, and 24 years later I am still enjoying racing on a variety of games including Codemasters F12020, rFactor 2 and both Assetto Corsa titles.

The idea of the Buzzzing Hornet site, is to bring the latest real-world news from various motorsport genres, and also to inform the sim racing community of the latest updates, upcoming racing titles and to give beginners some help choosing the right hardware. It has been an enjoyable process, but has taken longer than I expected to add and write the content that is currently available.

Looking at 2021, I am looking to continue working on the Buzzzing Hornet site adding more news, stories and other exciting content. I will be looking to add more to the track guide, a place where you can look at some of the most popular racing circuits form around the world. This includes information about each circuit and also has photos of some of the scariest corners in motorsport.

Another area I have been working on is the car liveries. Currently there are a number of real-life and fantasy car liveries available to download for Assetto Corsa. I am hoping to add more of these when the new BTCC liveries have been released, and also for other racing sims like rFactor 2 and Assetto Corsa Competizione.

We may be looking to start making and selling button boxes at some point in 2021. I have done a lot of research and want to make these affordable, with the possibility to have these custom built with whatever buttons/switches the buyer wants. These are widely available on eBay, but they are also quite expensive and we want to bring these to people at a fair price. I would really like to know if this would be something people would like to see so please contact us via the website form.

Our social media platforms have also been growing, especially over on our Instagram. This will again continue to grow during 2021, and a new Facebook page will be live by the end of January too.

So that's is for now, 2021 will certainly be another challenging year for a lot of us, and here at BuzzzingHornet there is a lot of work to do. I hope you keep coming back to us and can watch us grow and become your go-to sim racing website !

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