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Here at Buzzzing Hornet we love to see fantasy car liveries or replicas of your favourites, so we have created some of our very own ! Thes are also available for you to download and use in your sim. We are also taking requests, please contact us to see if we are able to make your personal livery.


We would also like to see what you have created so please send them in to us, and we will publish them for everyone to see -

rFactor 2

BTCC Season Mod v1.1 update

In order for the .rcd file to work correctly, the BMW 125i must be present in game. You may find that upon launching rFactor 2 the BMW vehicle folder is deleted. A  workaround for this is to rename the version before you launch the game.


Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\rFactor 2\Installed\Vehicles\BTCC_NGTC_BMW_125i

Inside the BTCC_NGTC_BMW_125i folder will be another folder called 1.2

Simply rename this to 1.3 then launch rFactor 2

The BMW will now appear in-game and the .rcd file will work correctly

You may have to follow these steps more than once and rename the folder 1.4, 1.5 etc

Currently, this is the only know workaround - if you know more about how these vehicle files work, please email us !

screen 1.png

BTCC Season Mod v1.0



DS Penske Formula E skins
FE Gen3-part1.png
Formula E Gen 3
2021 BTC racing#66.jpg

BTCC Honda Civic Type-R

BTCC 2022 Hybrid.jpg

2022 BTCC Toyota Hybrid

Classic BTCC Megane.png

Megane BTCC Legends Livery

Mini Racing Costa Coffee.png

Mini Challenge Fantasy Livery

Hamilton Cupra.png

Nick Hamilton, 2021 Cupra BTCC

Mini Merc.png

Mini Challenge Fantasy Livery

BWT Audi.png

Audi RS3 Fantasy BTCC Livery

Alfa Romeo Jaguar.png

Alfa Romeo Fantasy BTCC Livery

Honda Civic Type-R
BMW 125i M Sport
Honda Civic Type-R
BMW 330i.png

Colin Turkington BMW


Ash Sutton, Infinity BTCC

BMW 2020.png

Coliin Turkington, Team BMW BTCC

Audi RS3

Jason Plato, Subaru BTCC

rokit 2020.png

Nick Hamilton, Team Hard BTCC


Ollie Jakcson, Ford Focus BTCC

MB Motorsports BTCC Civic.jpg

Jake Hill, Ford Focus BTCC

Alfa Romeo Guiletta
Honda Civic Type-R
Toyota Avensis

Gallery & Downloads

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