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rFactor 2 Q3 Release

The Q3 release was announced a couple of week ago by Studio397, and it has been released today! The release includes a new build bringing many new updates including Real Road 2.0 which sounds like a huge improvement and will add to the whole driving experience.
Along with the physics updates 2 brand new BTCC have been included, the Hyundai i30 Fastback and Ford Focus ST. 

We will of course add these two new British Touring Cars to our mod updating the current Napa Racing team and adding Apec Racing, featuring Ollie Jackson and Sam Osbourne. This will be announced first on our Instagram account, so keep your eye peeled!
BTCC MOD for rFator 2 - BMW 125i issue

Since the release of our mod, we have noticed that the BMW 125i is being unpacked and removed when launching rFactor 2. The BMW 125i car is important to the mod as it includes the .rcd  talent file. Our mod will work without the BMW, but you will not get the best experience. We do have a workaround for this, and to ensure the BMW is not deleted upon launch we advise that you change the version number inside the BMW main car folder. We will post detailed instructions very soon.

Head over to the downloads section to download our mod. This is NOT an official mod. We have put cars together from different BTCC classes to bring a fun championship featuring new teams currently competing in the 2022 British Touring Car Championship.

After out announcement of a new BTCC we are working on, I am pleased to bring you an update. This mod is not official. This mod is a collaboration of other mods that we have tweaked, and made some changes to that will hopefully bring you an extremely playable, fun BTCC season.

We have added some of the 2022 BTCC teams and drivers, and we have also included some fantasy teams like Estrella Motorsport and Mercedes AMG. Along with these teams we have added current BTCC drivers like Rick Parfitt, Ricky Collard and also a couple of surprises. A talent file has is also currently in the works, and after initial testing is seems to working well.

We want you all to enjoy this, but remember it is NOT a 2022 BTCC mod, it is a mixture of teams & drivers from other mods (NGTC) that have made this possible and we hope they approve. We have spent many hours creating new liveries including the 2022 BMW (Turkington/Jelley), 2022 Bristol Street Motors (Ingram/Chilton) and 2022 Halfords with Cataclean (Shedden/Rowbottom). We have also included thumbnails for ALL teams, which we think is a nice touch.

We hope to be releasing this very soon so check back for updates. In the meantime here are some screenshots.

                                                                                                                                        (updated June 21, 2022 22:10)
screen 4.png
screen 1.png
screen 2.png
screen 3.png
New BTCC mod coming soon..

We recently posted on our Instagram account some new liveries including Jake Hill, Ash Sutton and Tom Ingram. These will soon all be available to download separately from our downloads page. We are also very excited to announce an upcoming mod featuring all these liveries plus the 2022 Team BMW livery along with more to be revealed very soon.

The mod also features new drivers, and changes to currently available team names. Please note this mod has not been made from scratch and we will include mentions to all that have released content over the last few years. More to come in the next few days so keep coming back for updates....
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    (updated June 16, 2022 13:39)
Q2 content drops for rFactor 2.

Well, well, well, we got it right ! The new Q2 content for rFactor 2 was released at the beginning of the week and it included 2 tracks, and 2 new cars. We have now officially got BTCC content available in the sim and it has been confirmed more will be released later in the year.

Along with these additions, there have been a lot of tweaks to the graphics, including the introduction of sparks, and a big update to how wet weather conditions look and behave. Full details can be found by visiting the studio397 website.